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   Characteristic of zodiac sign

               Aquarius (January 20-February c.21)

     The Vodoleev influence of planet Saturn. Their favorite colors are: purple, grey, blue-green, purple; Black color is bad. Mleût at the sight of such colors as: narcissus, violet, reconciles. Strong talism-us for them is an icon and a key. Happy days in week: Friday and Saturday, was not a happy day Sunday. Favorable numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13.


   Aquarius relates to section difficult patients, it quickly gets tiring procedure of treatment, and he refuses to have it in a couple days. Ill unexpectedly, disease accompanied by Insomniac. The Vodoleev the most weaknesses are: ankles and calf; have a predisposition to increased content of acidity, sclerosis, infectious diseases.

   They are more likely to be in the fresh air, to lifestyle, take vitamins.

                                     Temperament and character

   Aquarius have an Angel and a devil. Basically a love doing enjoyable. Striving for power, want their all loved and cherished. Continually move towards freedom from the material world. Curious, they are drawn to new and unknown. The Aquarius contains something subtle, gentle and smooth. Oppose, suggest what to do and how. Taste clothing varied, but mostly love something extravagant.


   Selected profession takes a significant place in their lives. At work always perform what they are. Quickly and easily join the team, are always a good relationship with the authorities. Know how to order, often are promoted at work.

    Best manifest themselves in art, pedagogy, sociology, psychology and the construction business.

In life, the money would prefer simplicity.


    Love Vodoleû open is hard because they have sensitive merges with imagination. Compelling passion, often passes through them, and they return to friendly relations. Most of their desire to be free.

    To keep the Aquarius, it shouldn't disappoint. If an Aquarius seeks and wants to strengthen its relations, it is important to understand that not worth it to sacrifice love for the sake of friendship.

    Vodoleâm suitable for marriage: Libra, fish, Lions, Gemini, Sagittarius. Scorpion and Calf should be avoided.

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