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Characteristic of zodiac sign

Taurus (21 April-20 May).

       The Calves are people who were born in the period from 21 April to 20 May. The strong influence of Venus and the Earth – Moon satellite. A beneficial impact on the Bulls have such colors: bright blue, Orange, yellow, lemon, lime-green and all spring. Stones to carry to glean the following: Sapphire, agate, turquoise, Emerald, Opal, jade, karisol, green marble. Color in the Calves are the most suited lilac and Lily of the Valley. Talismans is Owl and Golden Taurus. The happiest days are Monday and Friday, to adverse – Tuesday. The lucky numbers are: 2, 4, 16, and all the numbers that are divisible by 6.


         Taurus are born mostly strong, with the right lifestyle live a very long time and almost did not get sick. Taurus is difficult than ever stop, he himself doesn't know where and when to stop, tend to work hard, to smoke, to drink, to love. Being ill, very long to recover. Basically all disease because of the excess. The main diseases include diabetes, obesity, allergies, hepatitis, rash, cough, headaches, nervous fatigue, gout, diseases, schizophrenia, depression.

         Taurus love smoke, more than the other characters, it is very hard to otvykaût from smoking.

          Taurus should take the following precautions: do not include sexual intercourse with Scorpions served this often causes infection of the genital organs, legs keep in warmth and dryness, avoid strong draught and a long sleep-better rest and sleep regularly, but not for long.

Temperament and character

        Because the Cells are influenced by Venus and the Moon, these people are well pronounced taste, due to the tranquility and confidence.

        Clothing like nebroskuû, but good sšituû, love wool, don't like clothes with hard collar, hate the neckties. The clothes are carefully and permanently remain in good condition. Apply the same style, if you feel that it fits.

         Taurus are peaceful and patient. Constant need for harmony pushes them to put up with everyone and with many, but miserably when their patience is running out. Taurus just hate the dispute to a higher tone, can not stand life disharmony. Mostly rely on their perception, which is based on feelings, often pushing aside their inferences. To the adoption of important decisions are thoroughly, carefully and thoroughly implement your choice.

          For Calves is the visible reality, don't like to think and have to deal with the variable situation, thereby annoying myself and others of his indecision. Taurus had an excellent memory, less religious than other signs of the zodiac.

         Often there are many problems because they are of the view that the whole world revolves around them. But, breaking it, their case will go to the mountain.

          Taurus skrytny, when the conversation comes to personal matters. They are gentle-mannered, but at the same time are the owners. The feelings they have very well developed, and greater than that of the other signs of the zodiac.


          Age think about career choices, want to have them all shot. Do not like to deviate from social norms, love success, but at the same time spend much effort on trivia.

         Sign of Taurus is associated with wealth. Taurus skillfully and artfully attract money, but if they do not know how to spend money, then slip away from them.

          In good hands, Calves suitable occupations: farming, business, construction, they have the ability to poetry, economics, pedagogy, the Exchange's case; policy is not.


         Many young people dream about love. Fall in love gradually, slowly and silently. When you fall in love, more sensitive character. Do not abandon their choices throughout life. The Calves are feelings and desires. Keen on Taurus completely with your head, always go through, whether sweet or bitterness approaching end.

         In their love relationship does not stop neither criticism nor discomfort or inconvenience. Love Taurus is intimacy, it is deeply touching, nothing complicated, last long and gentle.

         A Calf is harmony and excludes the possibility of divorce. The Bulls are gentle and kind to parents about their children's care. In marriage Taurus and Scorpio does not go well because the two are opposites. Should also avoid fish and cancer. fine for marriage are Libra, Virgo, Gemini.   

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