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Characteristic of Zodiac sign

Sagittarius (23 November-21 December).

      A large influence on Streltsov planet Jupiter. Suitable for color: Blue, blue, Crimson, purple. Love flowers such as: narcissus, pinks, cornflowers. Powerful talismans for them are: Salamander and Horseshoe. The happiest day of the week Thursday, an unhappy environment. Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9, and all numbers dividing by three.


      The vulnerabilities of the Podcast include the lungs, liver, thighs, arms, shoulders, intestines. Žizneènergičny archers, all time rush headlong. Being ill, quickly recover. Have a high propensity for completeness.

Temperament and character

       Archers are a clear mind. They are a reflection of their status in society, try to make the best possible impression. Wanting to aftermath left their footprint on this earth existence.

      Women tend to exceed the mark or be equal to men. Taste clothing ranges from tvidovyh costumes to luxurious dresses. Regardless of the style of clothing they prefer quality. Men love imported sweaters and scarves, give more preference to high-quality costume.


     In his teens overestimate their capabilities and build big plans for the future. In the life to come to head, reaching them rapidly. Don't like hard work, prefer to work in a group than alone. The superiors can manifest itself in respect of or in an open protest against it.

    Can perfectly work: hunters, gymnasts from organized races, cooks, translators, policy makers, researchers, reporters, doctors, chemists, engineers, lawyers, public figures. Constantly in need of comfort. Nearly all Archers that spend their lives simply earning only bread.


    Love Sagittarius has a great pylkosti, but it is gradually.

   Men love comfort, prefer the neighborhood women, which increases their proud opinion of yourself, well and without them household. They can indulge in jealousy, if their partner jealous; do not forgive treason. Avoid scandals like no other they just hate them.

    Women are proud, bellicose, love partner, when partner loves her himself. Keep and cherish your name, don't forgive betrayal and treason.

   Archers are happy in marriage with Ovenom, Bliznecom, propelled water supply boat, Leo. Seeking to avoid the Virgin.

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