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Characteristic of zodiac sign                 

Scorpio (24 October-22 November)

    The Scorpion is influenced by Planet Pluto. The preferred colors are: scarlet, Crimson, yellow, dark red. Love flowers: carnations, chrysanthemums, peonies. Powerful talismans for them are: Scorpion, a beetle, a sign of death. Happy day-Tuesday; nesčastlivye-Monday, Friday. Favorable numbers: 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 21.


    Health of the Scorpion is fully under his power: he wants to, so be it. They rarely get sick, but, being ill, severely tortured, the disease is severe. Most Scorpions fall sick throat, nose, back, legs, heart. Common diseases of the circulatory system and varikoznost veins. Scorpion comprises a large number of vital energy, and throughout life he remains strong and mobile.

                                   Temperament and character

    Scorpions have ambivalence: death and love, passion and rebellion, mystery and curiosity. The Scorpion has a strong sense of passion. Satisfied itself regardless of external changes. He always knows what he wants. Strong, and has an insatiable taste for life. If denied and violated, he blames and not obey the relations.

    In General, proud, reticent, demanding, curious, razdraži-provoking views. Love fight, overcome difficulties, never fall spirit. Tend to have lots of children.


    From Scorpions are good surgeons, chemists, navigators, mechanics, sailors, workers in the food industry. If Scorpions are a balanced mind and emotions are highly developed intellect, of them are promising leaders and philosophers.


    This sensual nature, prone to variability in love. Scorpio seeks to love all of its existence. In the relations do not allow for a defeat. Always listen to your heart. Scorpion either passionately love or passionately hates. He at first sight learns their other half. Being passionately jealous, he doesn't like when revnuût it.

      Marriage perfect Fish, Crayfish, Libra, Virgo. Should avoid Aquarius and Leo.

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