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Characteristic of zodiac sign

                                         Fish (from 21 February to 20 March)

    The Fish is influenced by two planets: Venus and Jupiter. Their favorite colors are: purple, magenta, blue, lilac, a steel, sea water. Love flowers such as jasmine, narcissus, forget-me-not, violets. The most powerful talismans for them are: narcissus and site. Happy days in week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Bad day-Wednesday. The most successful numbers: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12.


   Usually the fish themselves are well taken care of their health. The weak points are: the heels and feet; exposed varicosity, flu, tumours, naryvam.

   They need to keep feet dry and warm place, more camping out in the open air, often to rest, avoid damp premises.

Temperament and character

   The fish understand all but themselves. The very strong influence all the surrounding factors (heat, cold, pain). Fish rarely feel welcome, and must often make them understand what you really want to see them. They are interested in everything and are in their choice half way between zero and infinity. They are the most loyal and tied.


   Fish relate to work more intuitively than rationally, usually working melt in your own rhythm. To anybody and will never impose authority easily takes the pressure of the authorities.

  Fish are art. Also suitable for work in the field of PEDA-gogiki, medicine, fisheries, as well as in the stock trading business.

  Attitude to money changing gradually and limit depends on the Outlook on life.


   Love Fish are unpredictable and vary greatly. They have the most mysterious heart – it is widely and incomprehensible.

   His love for Fish gradually realize that they even don't notice where they love begins and where it ends. In a love relationship does not struggle with rival, prefer to retreat.

   The greatest difficulty in fish is when they don't know how to properly tie and puke.

   Love to Fish means helping, and that this love has grown and become stronger, they should feel welcome and understanding. If everything happens as you want Fish, they are loyal and pokladistymi. Fish find their happiness with the Calf, Virgin, Kozerogom and cancer. They are Twins and the scales should be avoided.

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