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Characteristic of zodiac sign

Cancer (22 June-22 July).

      A great influence on the Crayfish is the moon. Suitable for Cancers are such colors: light blue, white, blue, color, green pea, silver; Gray is unsuccessful. Favorite colors of the sign are: water lily, honeysuckle, jasmine, all white. Very strong such as: heart, the charms of clover. Successful and wealthy days they found: Monday and Thursday; failed-Monday and Tuesday. For numbers are considered to be subset of favorable 2, 4, 5, 8 and all numbers dividing by 2.


     The most weak and vulnerable places have Cancers are stomach, bladder, liver, intestines, bodies that consume and produce food from the body. These people are inclined to corpulence, quite often have problems with low pressure. Women and men tend to have ulcers, they need a lot of work and as little as possible to pander to overindulgence.

Temperament and character

    Cancer has a strong memory and strong AI. All problems with Cancer from what he lives past and afraid to go ahead.

    In fact the shrine, loving and affectionate playful. They have much to yearn for home and homeland. Cancer cannot be rushed, in making important decisions he needs time for reflection.


     In his youth, cancer is not rushing to grow up. In the minds of the world is limited to such needs as sleeping, eating, drinking. They now wait until somebody decides for them than they do. Mostly children-Crayfish go in the footsteps of fathers and mothers. Slow but ambitious, know and know how to simplify. From Crabs are good breeders, production engineers, tailors, psychologists. Rakam is also suitable to deal with water-related activities.


     Very sensitive and emotional; This delicate character. Personal relations depend on whether the right moment to escape the mother not to become dependent on it for life.

     In his youth are romantikami. Intimate relationships ahead of life experience. Perfect in bed and gentle lovers, but they need the emotional variety in each sexual relation. Crayfish are waiting for ideal love, understanding, supportive, and effective. Having received it, they will respond well, give yourself wholly and surrounds his partner tenderly. When a run away first. Even Rakı tend to yield to the partner, they are the only character that can find the relationship with all the characters. Advantage are Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and fish.

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