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Characteristic of zodiac sign

ARIES (March 21-April 20).

     The Ovnam are people who were born from 21 March to 20 April. The special influence of the planet Mars and the Sun. Best of all they are such colors: Orange, blue, Crimson, purple, bright red. Friendly stones are Amethyst, diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Moonstone, aquamarine. Pleasant effect on human organism have flowers such as violet, folk reasons. Good for them the number is 4, 7, 9, 11. The happiest days-Tuesday and Sunday, these days it is best to plan your vacation. The bad days are Friday and Saturday, these days better to abandon long-haul travel. The most rich and important years: 15, 30, 45, 75.


     The Aries most vulnerable part of the body to the head. Therefore, frequent headaches. Cold and draughts must be avoided, as they cause the common cold and anginu. Definitely keep the teeth, it is also a weakness. Aries, in fact, does not like anyone and be capable of anything, even disease. When is sick, stay in bed, a lot of moves, he and causes illness in the running stage. Aries during the plague disease itself to exhausted, resulting in pressure, insomnia and hepatitis. Aries in relation to other characters grow old faster. They need throughout life to maintain his physical body in good condition.

Temperament and character

    The impact of such planets as the Sun and Mars gives them force for constant movement. Aries just hate boredom and are doing everything to get rid of her. Think Aries dislike, but they have developed a good sensibility. Aries love to virility, just love to give orders, but offset them frequent gifts. In their heads are often new and original ideas, they have great curiosity to neopoznannomu and new. They often grow up inventors.

     Aries women always come ahead of the fashion, prefer very bright colors: green, yellow, Orange, lemon.

     All Ovnam share a self-affirmation, tightly bound with a thirst for Justice and samodramatizacii, because of the better not to argue with them.


    Aries chooses the profession in childhood. Aries knows how to properly deal with humans and animals. A muscular and healthy body Aries suggests career, as they were good soldiers, police, surgeons, sculptors, veterinarians, sellers. Regardless of your profession, they strive to be the first best. Aries skillfully make money and spend them productively.


    Aries are ready for love, sex before allows our social society, because of this there are often domestic conflicts. Fall in love with the move, at first sight, regardless of age. Having fallen in love, have a great passion. They basically carries the forbidden fruit, and they are ready to get hold of them at any cost. Very generous, but their generosity is bound with thin calculation. If you are in love, Ovnov their passion turns into madness and obsession, but then they quickly, because they themselves do not notice how they calm down. Being a touchy lovers, they love and need to satisfy their whims. People love to show off and mleût when they are respectful attention. Aries does not make, and should not be limited to all, always striving to free will. Men seek to subjugate women and implement its requirements. Women love meet, sometimes do not control their desires, but if the man is not satisfied in full, throws him without thinking twice. Return to the home.

    Marry u Ovnov is constantly threatened, their relationships need constant loving patience. Ovnam desirable to avoid marriage, Cancer and A sRybami. Ideal for marriage: Libra, Sagittarius, Leo. 


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