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Characteristic of Zodiac sign

Leo (23 July-23 August).

     The Lions is strongly influenced by the Sun. To your favorite colors are: Orange, Scarlet, gold, purple, black; white color is bad. Suitable stones: Topaz, amber, Onyx, Ruby, Peridot, diamond, èsmerald. They are strongly attracted to flowers such as chrysanthemum, gladioluses, peonies. Successful talismans are: lion, Eagle, Ladybird. The happiest day Sunday, failed Saturday. Favorable numbers: 1, 5, 9, 11.


    The lions have good health, a high level of stamina. The Lions are proud of. Sometimes Lions overestimate its strength. The most vulnerable in their place is the heart. They are all experiencing strong emotional shocks, which in consequence affect heart physically, hence there are diseases such as arthritis, leukaemia, gout, sore throat, hemorrhage, nervous depression and disruptions, spasms.

   The disease is usually fast, but great with fever. They need to learn how to manage energy costs, avoid smoking and alcohol.

Temperament and character

    Lions see themselves as Center of the universe and are generous, had no sense of danger, but do not like darkness. The secret of their force is faith and truth. Their main enemy is the pride, especially in cases where it is justified. Because of his pride often fall into depression.


    Since his youth understand the importance of chosen profession. The wanted all was rolling around them do not tolerate being subordinate to the ground. The most suitable occupations: Arts, business, politics, show business, could be good diplomats, directors. Earn a lot, but even more to spend. The lions have a very high rate of success, but at the same time the most horrible failures.


    Love is a feast for the lion. In love are intense persistent desire, do not see the point in question. Successful at work Lions are the most pokladistymi in the family, not successful at work Lions in the family are tyrants. Leo should resolve the conflict between the profession and love that it is dominant. For the Lions right choice would be in the direction of love, but only if this love is already associated family ties. League should avoid Scorpions and Calves, here's a great sčpste can find with weights, Twins, Strelcami, Ovnami.

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