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Characteristic of Zodiac sign

Capricorn (22 December-20 January)

     The Capricorn strongly influenced two planets-Mars and Saturn. Their favorite colors: black, blue, dark green, ash-grey, pale-yellow, dark brown. Love flowers such as: black Maki, white carnations. Happy days in week-Tuesday and Wednesday. Bako-Monday and Thursday. Favorable numbers: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14.


   Have a high resistance to disease. Vulnerabilities are: bones, muscles, knees, skin, thyroid, blood circulation system.

    All Ibex also suffer from flu, varikozu Veng, sclerosis, heart attacks.

    For Capricorn, to avoid a number of diseases: skin to keep clean, often camping out in the open air, less sleep, avoid draughts, monitor your diet, eat a variety of foods, eat less salt in the diet.

Temperament and character

     Kozerogov is not much concerned about its own appearance. In conversations rarely talk about themselves and do not demonstrate their merit. Adore Dim light indoors. Most in life are spiritual. Love the simplicity, balance, moderation, economy, shy. Priziraût clothing, don't go in step with fashion.


In his youth, sooner realize that want from life. Not afraid of hard work; patient and punktualnye. Like most work alone than in the community. Prefer to work from morning till evening, did not pay attention to hunger and drab as you work. Correctly refer to superiors and subordinates. Seldom change jobs, often indispensable.

    Good in such occupations as: farmer, construction worker, lawyer, architect, sociologist, agronomist and politician.

      In the life of being small, are able to make money, distrusting people are moderate.


    With the age of love is brighter and stronger. In his youth often face their hobby-due to fear of loss and suffering to the test. Most live alone up to 40-50 years. Then open up, no longer afraid of what struggled and left.

    Men ženonenavistniki, so often stripped bare. If prefer women, it is most often selected over yourself, nekapriz sound, with money, quiet and nerastočitelnuû. They don't like to discredit and to avoid quarrels.

   Women of the Zodiac žestokoserdečny instead chose to make a career of novels. In the hands of the partner remain cool. Married to go only because of social and financial reasons.

   Emotionally Kozerogam to be the most useful: Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus. It is best to avoid Cancers and twins.

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