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Characteristic of Zodiac sign

Virgo (24 August to 23 September).

     At Virgin, their influence is the planet Mercury. Her favourite colours are: Blue, white, green, purple. Virgin mleût of such colors as: asters, red poppies, mother and stepmother. Most suitable for them talismans is Astra and grasshopper. Happiest day of the week is Sunday, not happy it's Thursday and Friday. Favorable numbers: 3, 5, 6, 12, 20, 27.


      Virgin did not feel and don't realize they are part of nature, they quickly get tired and look sickly. They are mainly the muscles and lungs are underdeveloped, but by contrast factor equipped with first class and well developed nervous system. The greatest danger to the Blessed Virgin is constipation. Intestinal spasms often caused by: anxiety, anxiety and excitement.

Temperament and character

     Virgo Zodiac sign is the most difficult. It's mainly skeptics, rarely exaggerate, nice review and a lot of people think. Need to clean. Torn between fear and curiosity. They are smart and hard-working, can perform any given work.


     In his youth to choose a profession, quickly realize how serious life. Prefer to work alone. Correct with superiors, strictly manage the subordinate staff. Careful and cautious when it comes to matters involving money. Unable to save up and do not rely on luck. Best Virgin proving massažistami, chemists, doctors, engineers, Secretaries, directors of stores. Employment Dev is central to life.


     If they fell in love, have a habit of going for some time to think and to overcome the fear of the unknown and waiting. Often the Virgin are afraid that their children will deprive independence.

    Having fallen in love the Virgin not izlivaût words their love feelings, and prove their cases. This sign has the largest number of old Virgins and single pensioners, both at the outset of the relationship of the Virgin have embarrassed chinstraps, when instead you want to understand what they are feeling. Auspicious Union for Virgo could be cancer, Kozerogom, A Calf.  Sagittarius, Aries is rising should be avoided.

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