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Characteristic of zodiac sign

Gemini (May 21-June 21).

   The Twins special effects of the planet Mercury. Most suitable for them are colors: grey, grey-blue, violet, light yellow, orange. The green color is bad. The greatest preference to have stones: granite, Beryl, agate, Jasper, rock crystal. Love flowers: Maki, lûtiki, Daisy, jasmine, narcissus. Best talismans are: Snake, mask. The best days of the week is Saturday and Sunday, the worst day is Thursday. Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 12, 18.


     The most painful locations are the shoulders, forearms and hands. The influence of the planet Mercury is mental and speech disorders, Pleurisy, asthma, lung disease. The most common disease for Twins is cold, nervousness, allergies. Often prone to insomnia, bad night rest. Them, in spite of everything, we must learn to relax in order to avoid nervous breakdowns. That is less than the root, you must frequently be Twins in the fresh air and be under the rays of the Sun. The Twins were more likely than the other characters, accidents. The twins are more likely to fall ill from boredom and loneliness than from overexertion.

Temperament and character

   Gemini intellectual and immediate but at the same time changing, as are under the influence of the planet Mercury, razgovorčivye and the brave have an attractive appearance.

     The developed mind Twins should be added the painful sensitivity.

     By nature they are easy and fluid, lovely and relaxed, pliant, love to travel and meetings, adore casual contacts and links. Afraid fatigue as quickly pereutomlâûtsâ because their lifestyle than their own.


    Mostly people are intellectuals. Love this kind of work when there is a change of impressions: advertising agents, reporters, service managers. Twins not bad work of journalists, artists, publishers, writers, scientists, Secretaries. Know well and competently prepare reports, documents and books, records, books (mostly novels). Among Twins often polyglots. Favorite language French. Cleverly can give false for the truth. The best area of the business.


     The love Twins are easy and pleasant, but you have to remember that they have a certain entity with which they never will share. To conquer the Twins need to be a talker and interesting person, because for them the most important intellectual and highly developed level of partner. Their preference for not giving details and ornaments, and brilliantly ottočennomu mind.

     Usually Twins marry more than once, but if the marriage later, he can continue forever. Enamored of Twin-man brings a sense of security and is willing to help and always around, but at the same time may fall in love with another and disappear for a few days, but then come back.

   Woman-Twin sentymental'na and romantic, intelligent and charming, izobretatelna in love. It will never be bored. It was just your, you must always be on her mind, because she does not own the gusts of emotion and feelings is the frequent change of mood. It is mostly Vodoleû and weights. Good relations with the twins are joined with Ovnami, Lions, crayfish, do not get along with the fish, Strelcami and Calves.

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